Warranty Policy

Hipshell LLC, sincerely hopes that you will be satisfied with the Product you purchase from us, however, please make a note of our Warranty Policy below.

Our Product is covered by certain limited warranties, as set forth herein. Generally, our Product warranties apply to a Product used in a home or gym setting, under normal use, i.e. where the Product has been used for it intended purpose. If you have any questions about the correct and proper use of the Product, then please contact us.

The Product is covered under the applicable warranty for the period stated below, starting from the date that a Product is delivered to you:​

  • Hipshell pad: 45-day limited warranty against breaking or manufacturing defects beyond normal wear and tear.

The Product warranty is further subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Product warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, incorrect cleaning, abuse, or external impact.
  • The Product cannot be altered outside of the manufacturer’s original product specifications.
  • A Product warranty shall not apply if there is any modification to the Product.
  • Normal use (wear and tear), and any damage due to (i) non-intended use, (ii) moisture are all excluded from any Product Warranty.

Should the Product fail within the timeframe stated above then please submit a warranty request to info@hipshell.com with details regarding the original purchase and the nature of the warranty claim. We will then review your claim and notify you if it is approved.


Free 180 Day Warranty

Every purchase comes with a 180 day warranty. Return your order anytime up to 180 days from purchase if any defect or damage occurs.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to anywhere in the world within 7-14 days approximately