How to best use HIPSARMOUR pad


HIPSARMOUR not only protects you, but also “guides” you as a teaching tool to keep optimal hip thrust technique.


The foundation of hip thrust is hip extension. Spine movement should be limited and minimised while hip flexo-extension occurs. Pelvis should remain in a neutral position, and maybe slightly posteriorly tilted at the top of the movement when hips are fully extended.
A common mistake is excessively tilting the pelvis anteriorly at the bottom of the exercises (hip flexed). If that happens, HIPSARMOUR® pad might rotates slightly forward.
Another mistake might be to move the barbell away from the optimal position (between the two prominent pelvis bones (anterior superior iliac crests) and the pubic bone) towards the femur (making the exercises less challenging) in an attempt to lockout or reach full hip extension. In that case, HIPSARMOUR® may slightly rotates forward. The barbell should be held firmly in placed throughout the entire range of motion with minimal pelvis motion.
HIPSARMOUR® rotation is a sign of excessive pelvis motion or an attempt to move the barbell away from its optimal position.
When executing with proper form, HIPSARMOUR® perfectly keeps the ideal position with no rotation ensuring the best performance possible.


Start by having the barbell pad positioned with the non-padded area  oriented  perfectly vertical towards the ceiling



Hold the barbell firmly to keep it at the optimal position (between the two prominent anterior pelvic bones and the pubic bone) throughout the entire range of motion. At the end-top position, don’t push the barbell towards your thighs in an attempt to reach full hip extension (which decreases the challenge and stimulus on your glutes), nor let the barbell rotates and moves towards your belly when posteriorly tilting the pelvis

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